The second session of the Rotary Leadership Academy started on January 20th.  The seminar was created to address the need for more first semester students, non-traditional, concurrent enrollment, multicultural, students with disabilities, transfer, and traditional students to be more involved in a leadership experience at the PCC - Fremont Campus.  Jason Messer is the co-creator with college staff person, Eric Ingmire.  Members should check the calendar for member assignments.


The academy will offer students the opportunity to build competencies and critical thinking skills with respect to leadership and community involvement.  During the 16 week classes, members of the Rotary Club of Canon City will facilitate the presentation of topics that include "Understanding Leadership Styles", "Communication", Ethical Dilemmas in Leadership", "Goal Setting-Vision Casting", "Team Building-Problem Solving", "Service Above Self", Conflict Resolution" and "Focus on Leaders".  After each third session, a panel discussion is held to develop more in depth answers to the previous sessions.  Students develop reflection papers, do group presentations and conduct community service projects.

The first semester class was extremely popular and resulted in a waiting list of students.