This is a difficult time for everyone, so please hang in there, be calm and patient with one another, even while buying toilet paper or groceries ;).  This is a unique once in a lifetime event and it has brought and will continue to bring a shock to our: social institutions, economy, government and infrastructure.  While understandably scary and will likely bring the worst out in some people, we have a unique opportunity to truly provide "Service Above Self".    

Due to recent events and the Presidents orders of limiting groups to less than 10 for at least 15 days and the Governors closure of "dining-in" restaurants for 30 days, we will have to suspend normal meetings for at least the next 2 weeks if not for a month. 

However, there will be some great service opportunities in the coming months whether it is helping people by delivering groceries, helping a neighbor with a needed task, sharing food or yes even some rolls of toilet paper to someone unable to acquire some.  I ask for you to be thinking about how we can be of service to our community in this time of need.  While we won't be able to meet at the Abbey for the next 30 days, I would like us to be thinking how we can help each other and our community.  Please share with me or on the Facebook page so we can mobilize.  Again, hang in there, this too shall pass, but lets not squander this opportunity to truly provide "Service Above Self".  Thank you! 

Jake Francis